Visit Dordrecht, The Netherlands (only 15 minutes from Rotterdam)

Visit Dordrecht, The Netherlands (only 15 minutes from Rotterdam)

You’ve probably heard of Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands with a lot of modern architecture. But have you also heard of Dordrecht, a very old city in the Netherlands, only 15 minutes by train from Rotterdam? My boyfriend and I had never been to Dordrecht, so we hopped on a train and set out to visit Dordrecht. This one-minute video I made will give you a good impression of the city:

Visit Dordrecht

Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland, obtaining city rights as early as 1220. The city used to be an important merchant city, now overshadowed by Rotterdam. Dordrecht has many old buildings with lovely architecture, such as the ‘Huis van Gijn‘. Unfortunately, the Great Church (Grote Kerk) was closed, because we visited the city on a Monday, so we could only view the outside. Make sure to visit the Pottenkade, next to the church. This little street has it all: a canal and stunning old houses. This is the perfect place for your perfect instagram picture.

We also walked past the town hall, which was built in the 14th century as a ‘cloth hall’, rebuilt in 1544, and given a make-over in 1635-43, when they made the neoclassic facade which you can still admire today.

Pottenkade, Dordrecht

We didn’t visit a museum, but decided to soak up everything the city had to offer by wandering around instead. As in many other older cities in the Netherlands, Dordrecht has lots of water. There are many canals and the city also has some small harbours. Also, make sure to visit a street called ‘Groenmarkt’. On this street, you can find several old houses with crow-stepped gables (an architectural style that can be found in many places in the Netherlands).

The waterbus to Rotterdam

Instead of going back by train, we took the waterbus to Rotterdam. This takes one hour and has some lovely views of typical Dutch landscapes. Some boats also stop at the Kinderdijk, where you can discover Dutch mills. The stop in Rotterdam is next to the Erasmus Bridge, so you can get off the boat in the centre of Rotterdam. We didn’t stay in Rotterdam this afternoon, but took a train home.

Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam

Our trip to Dordrecht was a lovely day-trip! I would absolutely recommend to visit Dordrecht if you’re visiting Rotterdam and have some time to spare.

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5 Replies to “Visit Dordrecht, The Netherlands (only 15 minutes from Rotterdam)”

  1. I’ve been to the Netherlands but I didn’t get the chance to visit Dordrecht, Sanne. Seems like a very charming place to explore. Is a day trip there a good idea?

    1. Hi, Lydia, thanks for your comment! Dordrecht is really lovely and certainly worth a day trip. You can also easily combine it with the Kinderdijk.

  2. Ahh. Another gorgeous little town in Netherlands! I stayed in Amsterdam and Maastricht for a few weeks, but I wish we were able to explore more little towns. I love the juxtaposition of the Erasmus Bridge (looks so modern) to the rest of the old-town feel of the city!

    Thanks for coming by to my blog! I’m planning on publishing side hustle idea post soon, so maybe that’ll be useful while you’re in grad school (less time commitments). 🙂

    Best of luck!

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