What to see in Cordoba, Spain

What to see in Cordoba, Spain

In sunny (although not so sunny when I visited the region..) Andalusia, in the south of Spain, the gorgeous town of Cordoba can be found. The town has a very interesting history and several different cultures have ruled over the city. It’s definitely worth to visit as a day-trip from Seville. In this post I’ll talk about what to see in Cordoba.

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What to see in Cordoba

The Mezquita

The most special building in Cordoba has to be the Mezquita. The building started as a church, but became a mosque when the Moors invaded Spain. The Christians converted it back into a church in the 13th century when they conquered the region once again. This turbulent history of Cordoba results in a building were different architectural styles and different ways of belief seem to coexist in a certain harmony.

The Mezquita

However, when you enter the church the Moorish influences are much more dominant. During my trip to Seville and Cordoba,  I saw Moorish/Islamic architecture and art for the first time. I was blown away by the beauty of it all! Look at all those intricate patterns, arches and more! Only when you enter the altar of the church or visit some of the chapels, you realise that this building has been used as a christian church for the last couple of centuries.

When you have visited the inside of the Mezquita, you have to walk around the walls of the site as well, because only then do you realise the enormous scale of this building. Moreover, I found the streets surrounding the Mezquita very lovely.

The Mezquita

Roman ruins

Cordoba was already a city in Roman cities and many Roman ruins can be explored in Cordoba. Highlights are the Roman bridge (see the featured image of this post), built in the 1st century BC, although most of the current bridge dates from the Moorish reconstruction in the 8th century. Other classical remains that you can discover in Cordoba include a Roman temple and a Roman mausoleum.

Discover Cordoba

Lastly, Cordoba is a great city to get lost in. Just wander around. Maybe you’ll come across the old fortifications and a statue of the Stoic Philosopher Seneca, who was born in Cordoba. Find the Calleja de las Flores, one of the prettiest streets in Cordoba, discover other churches in Cordoba or discover the Jewish quarter of Cordoba. Have lunch or dinner overlooking the Guadalquivir river and the Roman bridge. The perfect day-trip.

Medieval wall of Cordoba and the statue of Seneca the Younger

What to see in Cordoba? Well, quite a lot! As you might be able to tell from this post, I loved Cordoba and definitely want to return to this city when I visit Andalusia for the second time. Have you been to Andalusia?

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What to see in Cordoba

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