I came, I saw, and I blogged about it

I came, I saw, and I blogged about it

You’ve probably heard of the Latin phrase veni, vidi, vici, or in its English translation: I came, I saw, I conquered. When thinking about a title for my new blog, I knew I wanted something catchy, something with a nice ring. I thought: what about veni, vidi, vici? But.. the conquered part did not really fit. So, I just deleted it. Welcome to my new blog: veni, vidi. I came, I saw… and I blogged about it.

My name is Sanne, 22 years old, and currently finishing my BA in Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures in the Netherlands. Since 2013, I have been a dutch bookblogger and have had my own book blog de pagina omslaan. However, because my reading tastes have changed and I felt a lot of pressure because of my blog, I decided to take a break, which turned out to be more like quitting book blogging altogether. But.. once a blogger, always a blogger, and I want to get back into blogging! I want to go global (sort of), and reach a bigger audience, so I’ll be blogging in English and not in Dutch. Forgive the occasional (or frequent?) grammar mistake, I’m not a native speaker (although Dutchies seem to be pretty good at English as a second language).

A little more about this blog

Enough rambling, what kinds of blogposts will appear on this blog and how often? My current plan is to publish a blog once a week, possibly two times a week from June onwards when *hopefully* I have finished my Bachelor’s degree. The content of this blog will mainly be about my two hobbies: travel and books, and I will talk about my university life as well. Next year, I will continue my Classics education with a Master’s in the UK (I’m holding two offers at the moment, when I have officially decided which one I will pick, I’ll update you!) and I would like to document my time in the UK. What’s more, I just love Classics, and want to tell you guys all about the magical world that is Classics!

That’s it for this introductory blogpost. In case you would like to find out more about me, click here. Otherwise, follow me on the social media you like best, and watch out for my next blogpost!

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