After visiting the Isle of Skye, I continued my first trip to Scotland by going to Mallaig and Fort William. After hesitating whether to head for Oban and skip Fort William or stay in Fort William one day longer and then heading to Loch Lomond by bus, I picked the latter. I would have had (too) little time for Oban. Moreover, some ’empty days’ in which you have not planned much, but in which you can just explore the area are great as well when travelling. I recently picked up the phrase slow travel, I guess I’ve applied the concept without knowing about it!

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Some 180 kilometers south of Barcelona and some 90 kilometers south of Tarragona lies Tortosa in the province of Catalonia, Spain. A city often overlooked, but certainly worth a visit. For the last couple of years, I have been to Spain at least once a year and I think it’s very important to not only visit highlights like Barcelona and Madrid, but also smaller and lesser known cities. I spent an afternoon in Tortosa on a sunny day in the summer. Yes, it was hot, but it was also an afternoon full of culture!

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Picture of the bridge over Skye

It may not be very original, but for my first trip to Scotland, I definitely wanted to spend a few days on the Isle of Skye. In earlier blogposts I talked about my time in Edinburgh and Stirling, and in Inverness and the Eilean Donan Castle, but to be fair, Skye was the highlight of my trip. I took way to many pictures, especially on the first day. Initially, I had planned to cover all my days on Skye in one blogpost, but there was just too much to talk about. In the end, I have decided to split everything into two posts.

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Spain is a beautiful country with a lot of rich culture to explore. Still, whereas there is a lot of information available about cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Tarragona, there is almost little to none information in English about the smaller sights. One of the places I’ve visited while in Spain was the little known Poblat Ibèric de La Moleta del Remei in Alcanar, in the south of the province of Catalonia. In the hills, slightly off the coast, you can find this small white chapel surrounded by olive trees. And that’s not everything this place has to offer. On top of the hill, you can discover the ruins of an Iberian settlement that dates from the 7th to the 2nd century BC!

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