First time solo travel in Scotland: my itinerary

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Last summer, I hopped on a plane to Edinburgh and began my two-week trip around Scotland. In this post, I will mainly be talking about the way in which I travelled and my itinerary. In other blogposts, I will elaborately talk about everything I have done and seen, and I will link these posts down below when I have published them!

My trip to Scotland was my first proper solo trip. I had travelled on my own multiple times, but most of the times I met up with other people I knew on my destination. Only once I had slept in a hostel on my own before. Still, I was not scared about the idea of travelling alone and it felt natural to go on my own. Moreover, Scotland is a very safe country and relatively close to the Netherlands. However, there still were things I didn’t dare to do, such as hitchhiking. I don’t think it would have been dangerous on my own in Scotland, but I was not feeling good about doing it. And I think it’s completely fine to have certain limits. I have survived perfectly well without hitchhiking.

Eilean Donan Castle

I have done all my travel by public transport or walking. Sometimes, it was a nightmare: don’t try to go anywhere by bus on a Sunday. It just won’t happen. Moreover, don’t be surprised when a bus only leaves three or four times a day, just be glad that there is a bus. The downsides to travelling by public transport mainly were the hours spent waiting and the need to schedule your day based on bus timetables. The positive thing about all this has been that you learn that you don’t need to hurry things up and you don’t have to see as many sights as possible in one day. Sometimes discovering one place for a longer amount of time can be very rewarding.

My itinerary

My trip to Scotland

Since this trip was my first time in Scotland, I tried to visit as many highlights as I possibly could. Especially, I wanted to explore one of the islands. I really love rugged coastlines. In the end, I chose to visit the Isle of Skye, mainly because of the pictures I had found on internet. And it certainly did not disappoint. None of the trip did disappoint, actually. I fell in love with Scotland and can’t wait till I return to this beautiful country. However, reliving my trip by means of these blogposts is almost as good. Below I have given a quick overview of the places I have visited. You can read a detailed blogpost about the first three days here: Edinburgh, Stirling and Doune Castle.

On the fourth day of my trip, I took the bus to Inverness and visited Beauly Firth. The next day I discovered Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle. This castle was not the only castle I visited on my trip to Scotland. On day six, I visited Eilean Donan Castle, a world famous castle. Eilean Donan Castle is near the Isle of Skye, yet another highlight of Scotland. I stayed 3.5 days on the island and explored the Trotternish peninsula, Dunvegan Castle and Armadale.

Next, I took the ferry back to the mainland: to Mallaig. From there I took the train to Fort William. This route is famous, because it’s featured in many Harry Potter movies: it’s the same route Harry takes to Hogwarts! Fort William is home to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain of the UK. However, I didn’t climb it, but did some other hikes instead. After spending two days in Fort William, I took a bus to Loch Lomond, which drove through the Glencoe. I explorer the cute little village of Luss before I took the waterbus to Balloch. A train took me to my last destination: Glasgow.

Exploring Scotland Solo: Edinburgh, Stirling, and Doune Castle
Exploring Scotland Solo: Inverness, Loch Ness, and Eilean Donan Castle
Exploring Scotland Solo: Isle of Skye Part I
Exploring Scotland Solo: Isle of Skye Part II
Exploring Scotland Solo: Mallaig, Fort William, and Loch Lomond
Exploring Scotland Solo: Glasgow
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